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The way to success of our handmade men's shoes

The Scheggia Brothers Shoe Factory was founded by two brothers Mario and Serafino Scheggia in 1935 in Montegranaro that is a small manufacturing district in the Marche region. In the beginning daily production was 30- 40 pairs of shoes in a small workshop in the cellar of the family home. Enthusiasm was so big that in the 60-ies Serafino transferred the company to the two of his 11 brothers- Bruno and Mario. In the years to come the brothers brought shoemaking craftsmanship made in Italy to the highest level. In the 70-ies during the economic growth in Italy the two brothers started to work first in the European market and later worldwide transforming the company’s name into “Shoe Manufacturer Spring”. Thanks to commitment and quality of the produced footwear, Bruno and Mario have succeeded in making a dream of many teenagers come true, i.e. to leave a provincial town to see what the world offers. From Milan to London, from New York to Los Angeles. Starting from that moment the company has never stopped exporting their footwear, however, keeping 30-40% of the turnover in the Italian market. Unfortunately, in 2011, the youngest brother Bruno died. Nowadays the company is run by Bruno’s brother Mario and his children Eugene, Anastasia and Cristina.

Handmade italian footwear in the world

The name of the brand MARIO BRUNI owned by the Shoe Manufacturer Spring is the combination of the names of the brothers who founded the company (Mario e Bruno). The brand is well- known all over the world. Today the company employs around 80 employees and daily output range is 400- 500 pairs. Although production processes have been mechanised, ancient techniques of shoemaking have been retained. All the stages of production processes starting from cutting and finishing with assembling, as well as soles making, packaging and quality control are fulfilled in- house in Montegranaro. The collaboration with the best designers is the only outsourcing service. The highest quality and the unique style of the Italian craftsmanship have led Mario Bruni to working in such important markets as Russia, USA and China.

Raw Material

Footwear research and design are the first stages of production of Mario Bruni men’s shoes. The creativity of designers and skillfulness of our artisans are essential for choosing leather skins and hides that must be genuine, first- class quality and supplied by the best Italian tanneries. Shoes are a work of art that will represent the Italian artisan excellence in the most important exhibitions where we participate, i.e. in Milan, Moscow and New York.

Cutting Out

Made rigorously manually

Basing on the work of stylists and designers, Italian highly skilled artisans start making handcrafted high quality shoes. By using patterns of the collection, the clickers start to cut leather and lining. Each pair of men’s shoes is made up by numerous component pieces. Around 40- 50 pieces of genuine leather are needed for some models of men’s shoes. The quality of leather and lining is essential for making first- class men’s shoes. In order to guarantee the highest quality, cutting is made manually, being one of our distinctive features, by highly skilled artisans.

Each Shoe is Sewn Manually

After leather and lining have been cut, they are brought to the closing department where our skilled workers sew with high precision component pieces of men’s shoe to create upper of our classic shoe models. Afterwards upper is pulled over the last to adopt the shape of the last. That’s how Mario Bruni men’s footwear hand made in Italy start to take shape and consequently they will be sold all over the world.

Shoes Take Shape

The next step is to attach to the upper a leather and antibacterial insole, reinforcement and the toebox. These procedures are made by using specific machines after a thorough control of our highly skilled artisans. This is the way we create each model of Italian high quality handcrafted men’s shoes by Mario Bruni. It is a manual work requiring high qualifications and ten years experience of our artisans that is an essential element of creating high quality men’s shoes.

Handmade Soles

The soles of Mario Bruni men’s shoes are designed and made within the factory, the fact that confirms once again the highest quality of shoes made in Italy. Our soles are made from leather which is indispensable to guarantee the utmost comfort for your feet. Choosing of the best materials is a crucial element for producing Mario Bruni men’s shoes.

Excellent shoes

Quality control

Mario Bruni shoes have all the characteristics which make them Italian footwear excellence in the international market. Our quality control is very strict. Each pair of Mario Bruni Italian shoes must meet all the requirements of the standards of the certification “Made in Italy”. If a pair of men’s shoes does not fully meet the above- mentioned requirements, it is given back to the respective manufacturing stage or is discarded. The shoes we produce are made by our skilled artisans ensuring long lasting life in accordance with old Italian traditions of shoemaking.

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